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Drawing on a Board

Marketing Strategy

The most important thing is that you get a marketing plan that suits YOUR needs, not a pre-manufactured list of tasks.

It doesn’t have to be complicated – a one pager or small number of targeted tasks that you are comfortable with and can refer to easily is often better!

We will work together to understand your needs, motivation and put together a practical and manageable plan that you are comfortable with and feel able to execute.


You then have the choice as to whether you’d like further support or recommendations from me, ongoing sessions or to implement it on your own. 


For some on going mentoring offers valuable accountability, others just want to be able to develop their ideas regularly.

Whether its which direction to take your business in, setting goals, looking at your on going strategy mentoring gives you time to work 'on your business" instead of in your business


During our sessions, I can help you find solutions to address your marketing challenges and for retained clients, I follow up on important events or send anything I think is relevant between our meetings 

One of things that clients find most useful is having someone to be accountable to as well as to bounce ideas off for new products or promotions or services.


The added stimulus from someone who knows what you are planning and will have ideas if you hit a wall is often what you need to move forward!


You can use  mentoring on a regular basis or ad-hoc .

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Creative Work

Social Media

For some business owners - social media management is a bridge too far.

It's too time consuming and a cause of stress and irritation.

We will find engaging curated content and fresh content designed to keep you front of mind with your prospective clients.

In the new world of facebook content is king and less is more.

We offer Facebook, Twitter & Linked in management for a monthly fee

If you would like to do this yourself we can provide a monthly content planner in line with your strategy as well as a Marketing Toolkit of beautiful templates that you can simply edit each month.


I brought a Client of mine to have a session on Marketing Strategy with Nikki – and what a great session it was! From a starting position of "I've tried everything, what can I do now?", we left with a clear plan of campaign, to which my Client was totally committed, and upbeat about. If you recommend someone to a Client, you need to be 100% certain that they will perform, because it reflects back on you. This session definitely enhanced my reputation with my Client! And I have no hesitation in recommending Nikki for this work.