I would like to say I always knew I would end up here and that it was all part of a grand plan - it wasn't.

My Career has spanned 30 years and in the early years I worked in sales for Companies such as

BUPA , Thomas Cook and American Express.


I have been self employed since 1997 was the UK Marketing Consultant and Distributor for Playtex Products  with my late partner. Our biggest success the Banana Boat Suncare Brand in the UK.

After my Partner died , I wanted to do something that filled my passion for helping people reach their full potential  and give them confidence to grow their businesses whilst complimenting my skill set.  I wanted to do something that would give me a balance in my life 

So, through my ownership of the Women in Business Network I have 'accidentally" evolved in to a Mentor with the emphasis on Branding and Marketing your business.

As part of this I started to do 1;2;1 training on Social Media, Marketing Skills & Marketing Plans, Web design, the whole marketing package.


Lately it occurred to me I should be offering this to more Start ups & Growing Businesses which is why I launched The SMALL BUSINESS SCHOOL offering affordable accessible training to starts ups and SME's

All three areas of my work compliment each other beautifully, working with me you will have access to an ever growing network of businesses that can also support you.